Upload element

The upload element can be either bound to a specific embed, which updates the video in the video player or it will create new embeds when no embed id is provided.

This element requires a token, which is a generated JWT using the API key from mave. This example uses node.js, but JWT is widely adopted by many languages and frameworks.

// server
const jwt = require("jsonwebtoken");
// you can decide how long the jwt is valid
const token = jwt.sign(
    token_id: "XD9HPRtkDDmENLeVy9ripU",
    embed: "OiMm5XQSJl",
  "SHJmNHhXNnFublZXajNCNllYUmhoTTpUVDRqZ3ZqYWJtOEtVbmNFb2h2d1RY" // token secret
<mave-upload token="<token>"></mave-upload>