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EU hosted, independent, privacy-focused video in a single line of code.
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Our builder allows you to customize size, color and various finer details. Enable chat, performance graphs, custom thumbnails and much more with a single click.
Our video player is lightweight, responsive and seamlessly blends in with the rest of your website. Built with performance in mind, your visitors will never have to wait longer than a second to start viewing your videos.
Instead of needing to login to a backend, mave allows you to upload your videos directly within our embed. Just drag and drop your video and let us do the rest.
There is more to video than just sitting back and enjoying the show. Our chat component allows viewers to talk to each other before, during and after a live stream.
Analyze video and streams using the same tools, so you can track your success across all your content. Get detailed insights on all the content you stream.
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Single line of code
Create a unique embed code with one click and include it in your project. No video available yet? Turn on uploads and allow your users to add their own videos.
Made for teams
Manage who works on which projects. Invite external people to add videos to embeds. Decide what settings your customers can change.
Built for speed
Most existing video embeds significantly slow down your site. Our embeds are built with website performance in mind, making sure your pagespeed is not hindered by our embeds.
Based in Europe
Our company is based in Europe, this includes our own server infrastructure. We aim to work exclusively with partners based in the EU to make GDPR compliance as simple as possible.
"Loved working with @mavedotio to make sure our streaming video events were top notch!"
Sanne van Eijs
"Finally someone made a European 🇪🇺 alternative to Vimeo! Why did it take so long? 😉"
Justin Halsall
"Mave is a breath of fresh air in video tech. Very impressed by the ease of use of their player."
Joost Pothoff
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