Create video

POST https://mave.io/api/v1/videos

This enables you to create a video embed. Requires API token.

Request (optional)

  "collection": "ubg50fRgMoWlCUU"


  "created": 1643723737, // when this video embed was created
  "duration": null, // duration of the video
  "id": "ubg50apemJaHEYZ", // the ID if you want to store it for your user and possibly webhooks
  "last_upload": null, // when a video has been uploaded
  "name": null, // name of the file or chosen name
  "object": "video", // the type of object you're looking at
  "poster_image": null, // uploaded poster or first frame of video when uploaded
  "size": null // size of the video

Note: when you are over your accounts limit, the API will not warn you for potential extra costs.