Create space

POST https://mave.io/api/v1/spaces

This is a special feature, and is not enabled by default. Please reach out to us when you want to be able to create other spaces through our API. Requires API token.


  "domain": "mave.io", // requires valid domain
  "return_key": true // default false, but allows you to directly create an API key to manage this


    "created": 1692105897, // when this space has been created
    "id": "fTrQSHBgkvxacjpUFGSig2", // the ID for if you want to manipulate videos inside it
    "key": "WnpzdmNneUpjZ0hoOFJvUW1GWmRESzppV0g4S2JrR01tUktRaGR6NmNMYk05", // the API key to manage this space
    "object": "space" // the type of object you're looking at